At the age of 3, Justin was already spending most of his days in a gymnastics school and lasted until he was 10, when he expanded on his love for movement with Martial Arts. Training hard and competing in Martial Arts took Justin further than he thought he could go. Still, at a young age, Justin was winning national and world titles in several disciplines and was featured on ESPN2. At 16, Justin decided to push himself harder and further by moving to Los Angeles where he then joined the performance team, SIDESWIPE. Performing on SIDESWIPE with his friends showed him that continuing to educate and entertain needed to be his motto for life. Stunts instantly became the answer and the obsession. Now, Justin has been involved in stunts for over 10 years training and doubling lead actors and working for many of his own heroes in the entertainment industry while living out his childhood dream - being the hero AND the villain on the big screen. Today, Justin continues to choreograph and perform in some of the top shows in the industry.